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The English Learner Advisory Committee addresses issues specifically related to English Learners and advises the principal, the school staff, and the School Site Council (SSC) on programs and services for English Learners to assure the needs of EL students are being met. Each school with 21 or more English Learners is required to have an ELAC. The percentage of EL parents on the committee must match the percentage of EL students at the school. Parents of non-EL students may also be on this committee.

The committee will review English Learner data and programs. They also will make recommendations to the principal, school staff and the SSC.

Typically, ELAC meets on a Friday of each month @ 8:15 AM and is open to all language groups.  This is a great opportunity to get support and find out information about what academic resources are available for your student.


September 9 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
October 21 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
November 18 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
December 9 (Friday) at 8:15AM
January 13 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
February 10 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
March 10 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
April 14 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
May 12 (Friday) at 8:15 AM
maria perez

Ms. Sandra Ortiz
Community Assistant
Location: Room A 116
Phone: (626) 396-5840 ext. 75067