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Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies utilize many academic disciplines to understand: 

  1. the function of natural ecosystems

  2. the effects of human societies on the environment

  3. the environment's role in shaping human cultures and artistic endeavors.

(Wesleyan College, 2022)


At Washington Elementary STEM Magnet, we aim to provide students with a multifaceted environmental studies experience. We provide every student with opportunities to participate in real-world, problem-solving learning experiences in our STEM Lab, Technology Innovation Lab, Imagination Lab, and outdoor garden spaces. As students progress through these experiences, they deepen their understanding of the natural world and their actions' impact. Additionally, students will study historic environmental events, connecting the causes and outcomes of these events to those we are facing now and in the future. Students demonstrate their mastery of subject matter through writing activities, hands-on demonstrations, video productions, artistic expressions, and other performance-based activities. Students receive continuous feedback on their progress through detailed rubrics, formal and informal assessments, and teacher-student conferences. As students progress through the WESM environmental studies curriculum, they discover more about the natural world around them and themselves within that world.